Counselor Wakame was an anthropomorphic bear advisor of Lord Hirone.

Character HistoryEdit

When Lord Hirone succeeded his father, Wakame was one of a trio of new advisors who gained influence due to their sycophantic and toadying nature; the others being Counselor Tadon and Counselor Kagihana. The three worked together to destroy the older advisors who had been loyal to Lord Hirone's father, Lord Higashi. Yagi, the lord's bodyguard, was framed for treason and fled for his life, and General Oyaneko was implicated in a scandal and forced to retire to a small village to serve as its magistrate.

The three advisors continued to send assassins after Yagi, who had taken up the life of a wandering assasin with his son Gorogoro. They hired Yagi through an intermediary to attack Miyamoto Usagi, hoping that Usagi would slay Yagi or weaken him enough that he might be slain. Wakane also hoped to kill his two fellow counselors in the process and become the foremost of Lord Hirone's advisors.

The duel was long, but when Yagi disarmed Usagi and forced him to try to escape, Counselor Wakame unleashed his retainers against Yagi, and then killed his co-conspirators. Yagi proved too skilled, and Wakame attempted to take Gorogoro as hostage to escape the assassin's wrath. However, he was slain by Gorogoro.