Tobu was an anthropomorphic bear and master of a small village.

Character HistoryEdit

During the Great Wars, Tobu served as an ashigaru footsoldier. He led his general into a trap in a forest near where he was born, and as a result the general and his army were wiped out. Tobu was rewarded by being made master of the village. He was a harsh master who extracted heavy taxes so he could live a luxurious and sycophantic life, and the villagers lived in fear of his enforcer, Mishito. Even Tobu's son was sent away after speaking out against his father.

When Miyamoto Usagi and Jotaro discovered the village, Usagi decided to play a trick on Tobu to alleviate the conditions that the peasants worked in. Remembering his experiences on Moon Shadow Hill a few months earlier, Usagi pretended that the nearby forest was haunted, and forced the frightened Tobu to atone for his sins by being generous to those under him. The plot backfired when Mishito discovered that the 'ghosts' were only lanterns held by the peasants. Tobu and his followers chased Usagi into the forest. Tobu became separated from his companions and lost, and was claimed by the true ghosts of those he betrayed.