Sasuké, the demon queller, is an anthropomorphic fox in the comic book Usagi Yojimbo.

A ronin, Sasuké is a skilled swordsman and archer, but he also practices maho (sorcery). He has devoted his life to hunting demons (hence the title of Demon Queller). Sasuké has no known friends; he makes allegiances whenever he must, but is quite willing to do things alone if necessary. He is overly professional, and many consider him cold and heartless as a result; Miyamoto Usagi prefers not to associate with him beyond the occasions when they happen to face a common enemy. Little else is known about Sasuké, including his life as a samurai or where he got his powers.


Sasuké is a sorcerer, and possesses a number of magical and psychic abilities, which make him all the more scary to people who see him for the first time. He can launch fireballs, create energy shields, or light a dark passage; and he knows how to mix various potions. But his main power is in summoning; in his appearances, he has called forth a giant frog and a multi-headed dragon that looks similar to King Ghidorah, a monster featured in Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster and other films in the Godzilla series.

His other power—and arguably his most unnerving—is his ability to read minds; although it is unknown if he does it intentionally, or if it's an ability that is always on. When he meets people, he often knows things about them that he shouldn't, such as their name. For example, he knew Usagi and Jotaro's names when he first met them, and he knew that Jotaro was Usagi's son; in all cases, he usually shrugs it off saying that the person in question must have "mentioned" it earlier.


Sasuké has quite a few enemies, mostly monsters that he hunts, and he is well known amongst the creatures of the night. In Kumo, he fights with Usagi against spider goblins and their leader, Kumo-Onna (spider-woman). In Sumi-E, Sasuké is after a cursed sumi-e (ink) set, which causes anything drawn with it to magically come to life; it was in the hands of an old man, possessed by Katsushige; a mediocre artist whose great desire for fame led him to becoming a sumi-e set.

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