Oyaneko was a famous anthropomorphic cat general and magistrate serving under Lord Higashi and Lord Hirone.

Character HistoryEdit

Oyaneko was famous for his military acumen and unquestionable honour. Amongst his greatest exploits was his single-handed routing of the ogres of the eastern mountains. When Lord Higashi died, his son, Lord Hirone, ignored the advice of his father's advisors and was swayed by sycophants and toadies instead. The new advisors sought the downfall of their older counterparts. Oyaneko was lured into a scandal that ruined his reputation. As a result, he was exiled to govern a small town as magistrate, still accompanied by his lifelong assistant, Monshiro. Oyaneko found it hard to reconcile his new lifestyle and the poor health which resulted from his advancing age with his past life. When the ronin Miyamoto Usagi passed through town, Oyaneko attempted to force him into a duel to the death, so that he could die as a warrior. Usagi called his bluff and encouraged the magistrate to serve his people, who still needed him. Oyaneko died of his illness a week after the construction of a new irrigation canal for his town, which would bring great prosperity to the region.