One-Eye Ichiro was the leader of a bandit group. He has the appearance of an anthropomorphic cat, with a large scar over his empty left eye socket.

Character HistoryEdit

One-Eye Ichiro led a group of bandits. A thief and murderer, his crimes led to a bounty being put on his head in three different provinces. However, Ichiro was cunning and a skilled swordsman, and so escaped justice. The bounty hunter Murakami Gennosuke attempted to claim the bounty on Ichiro's head, but Ichiro escaped while Gen fought Ichiro's brigands and then fell into an open sewer. Ichiro hid out at a temple, holding the priest hostage to keep the townsfolk in line, while he was joined by his brother Kenichi. Gen hired the ronin Miyamoto Usagi as a bodyguard and then attacked the temple. Ichiro confronted Gen while holding the priest hostage; however, the hostage was actually his brother, Kenichi, a ruse to fool Gen. In the following duel, Kenichi wounded Gen, but not before the rhino slew One-Eye Ichiro.


"Bounty Hunter" (collected in Book 1: The Ronin).