Nagao was a Geishu Clan samurai and married to Lady Koriko.

Character HistoryEdit

Nagao had become disillusioned by the rigid structures of samurai society, as well as his cold and honour-obsessed wife. When he left, he soon came to a village to the east where he met Atsuko. The two fell in love and found the fulfillment they had been lacking in their lives. However, Atsuko's brother tried to press Nagao for money, and when he refused, Atsuko's brother murdered him for his purse. Miyamoto Usagi was soon sent by Lady Koriko to retrieve Nagao's daisho. When Atsuko was also murdered by her brother, he gave the two the only peace they could find: he buried Atsuko next to Nagao, so the two could be together forever at last.