Lord Okii Ashiyubi is the chief counsellor of the Shogun. He is an anthropomorphic cat.

Character HistoryEdit

Lord Okii Ashiyubi serves the Shogun as his primary advisor. His loyalties are secretly towards Lord Hikiji. Lord Okii met with Lord Noriyuki when the Geishu Clan received a confession from Lord Nerai implicating Lord Hikiji as responsible for the assassination attempts against Lord Noriyuki. Lord Okii blocked Lord Noriyuki's access to the Shogun, and then arranged for the confession to be handed over to him instead. Once he had the confession in his possession, Lord Okii replaced the confession with a crude forgery on the orders of Lord Hebi (and through him, Lord Hikiji). As a result, Lord Hikiji avoided being identified as the mastermind behind the plot.


"The Confession" (collected in Book 1: The Ronin).