Lady Kazumi was the wife of Lord Mifune and mother of Prince Tsuruichi. She was an anthropomorphic tiger.

Character HistoryEdit

Lady Kazumi was the wife of Lord Mifune for several years. Due to the intrigues of Lord Hikiji, a force of Neko Ninja infiltrated the Mifune castle to kill Lord Mifune, Lady Kazumi and Prince Tsuruichi. Lord Mifune slew his would-be assassins with the help of Miyamoto Usagi and Gunichi. However, Lady Kazumi and Prince Tsuruichi were killed. As a result of their deaths, Lord Mifune declared war on Lord Hikiji, which resulted in the Battle of Adachigahara.


"Samurai!, Part VIII" (collected in Book 2: Samurai).