The Komori ninja are a clan of ninja bats.

First appearing in Vol.1 #21, "Blood Wings," the clan is the foremost rising rival of the Neko ninja clan whose numbers were severely depleted in the climatic battle in the story, "The Dragonbellow Conspiracy."

They have an open rivalry with the Neko ninja for Lord Hikiji's favor, which has often led to bloodshed. There is however a bit of respect and honor for each other shared by both the ninja clans leaders.

Unlike the Neko, who are largely humanoid in body type, the Komori have winged bodies which enable them to fly with ease. Furthermore, they typically arm themselves with long sword blades lining the edges of their wings to make for devastating attacks in flight. A favorite move is used when an opponent attempts to take shelter in a forested area; the ninja would slash at the foliage creating a terrifying and blinding storm of debris that often disorients the victim while they are being exposed.

At present, both clans are in the employ of Lord Hikiji as they vie to be the exclusive client for the daimyo.

Their kashira (leader) is named Kurokaze (lit. "black wind"), but little is known about him.