This article is about the bandit, Kenichi. If you are looking for Usagi's childhood friend, Kenichi, see Kenichi.

Kenichi was the brother of the bandit One-Eye Ichiro, and a member of his group of brigands. He was slain by Miyamoto Usagi. Kenichi's appearance was that of an anthropomorphic cat.

Character HistoryEdit

Kenichi joined his brother, One-Eye Ichiro, when Ichiro's bandits were occupying a small temple. Kenichi was reported to be a swordsman of some skill, and became co-leader of the band. When the bounty hunter Murakami Gennosuke attacked the temple to claim the bounty on Ichiro, Kenichi pretended to be the temple's priest and posed as Kenichi's hostage. The ruse worked, and Kenichi was able to wound Gen badly before Gen killed Ichiro. Gen was saved by the intervention of Miyamoto Usagi, whom Gen had hired as a yojimbo. Usagi and Kenichi fought a brief duel, and Usagi slew Kenichi with a single blow.


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