Keiko is a young girl who is Jei's travelling companion. Unlike most individuals in the series, Keiko firmly sees Jei -who she calls uncle (or aunty if he is possessing a female) as an actual emissary of the gods and supports him on his mission to smite evil.


Keiko first appears in the story "The Black Soul" (v.2 issue #13). An orphan, Keiko was living alone with her grandfather when they encountered some brigands who demanded food and shelter. Frustrated with the apparent lack of food, the brigands killed her grandfather and threatened to do the same to her. She was saved Jei suddenly arrived and killed all the criminals and sparing Keiko; Jei claimed that the gods saw no evil in her. As Jei left the house, now in flames, Keiko ran with him, as she has nobody left.


Keiko traveled with Jei for some time and soon came across a group of samurai escorting their lord. After refusing to pay respects, Keiko was told by Jei to stay behind him while he began massacring the entire group. Sometime afterward, the two would come across an unconscious and injured Inazuma whom they brought with them to stay at an empty home. Keiko began to worry about her health and told Jei that there was something special about her. Jei agreed and they then delivered her to Sanshobo's temple. She was left behind in a forest after Jei suddenly ran off to find whatever was calling him.

She managed to find Jei dueling Miyamoto Usagi after hearing his laughter. However, a sudden earthquake caused a tree to topple over her, which she survives. After Jei was defeated, she came face to face with Inazuma, who was now possessed by Jei. The two hold hands and Keiko calls her "Aunty".

The Return of the Black SoulEdit

Keiko accompanied Jei (still possessing Inazuma) for quite some time, but suddenly disappeared after Jei was forced to stay in an empty home after being dealt a mortal wound to his host body. Later, after Inazuma was exorcised, Jei transfers over to Priest Hama and rejoins with Keiko, who was looking for him.