Jiro was an anthropomorphic bear who worked for the Kaiko Silk Works. His most prominent feature was his buck teeth.

Character HistoryEdit

Jiro was a skilled worker in the Silk Works. He was married with five children, including Genta, but often found it difficult to support his family, as his employer, Kaiko, was a notorious miser.

Jiro's life changed when he met Miyamoto Usagi, a few days before the Silk Fair. Usagi rescued Jiro from bandits, and then saved the town from the brigands. Usagi then donated his pay, 200 ryo, to the silk workers. As a result, Jiro and his co-workers were able to open their own silk works, with which they expected to outproduce Kaiko within a year.


"Silk Fair" (collected in Book 2: Samurai).