Gon was a villager in an unknown town terrorised by the shape-shifting monster, Ocho. He has the appearance of an anthropomorphic bear.

Character HistoryEdit

Gon lived in an unknown village. For a month the town was attacked by Ocho, a shape-shifting monster which lived amongst townsfolk by day and murdered and devoured them at night. None were able to leave the village. A group of two dozen able bodied men was organised to hunt the monster, but all were slain by Ocho except for Gon. The results of that night left Gon insane, and he spent his time talking to himself as he made memorials for his slain companions.

Once Gon had finished making memorials for his companions, he took up a spear and went to hunt Ocho that night. He encountered Ocho fighting the ronin Miyamoto Usagi, who had discovered her true identity. Gon attacked Ocho by surprise and drove his spear through her throat. Ocho then slew the madman, but as a result of his action, Usagi was able to kill Ocho.

The next morning, Usagi created a memorial to the fallen Gon, which he placed amongst the memorials which Gon had made. Usagi praised Gon as a hero before departing the village. However, the surviving villagers did not hear what he said... "Something about 'Gon with the wind'."


"Village of Fear" (collected in Book 1: The Ronin).