Atsuko was an anthropomorphic cat peasant woman living in the lands of the Geishu Clan.

Character HistoryEdit

Atsuko fell in love with a samurai, Nagao. The two planned to commit lovers' suicide, as their social status prevented them from being together. However, Nagao was murdered. Atsuko buried the body but kept his daisho as the last reminder of her beloved. However, it was improper for a peasant to have the swords of a samurai, and the ronin Miyamoto Usagi was sent by Nagao's wife, Lady Koriko, to reclaim them so they might be passed down to her son. Atsuko refused, despite the money which Lady Koriko had given Usagi to use to buy back the swords. However, Atsuko's greedy brother quarrelled with her, and during the quarrel Atsuko was accidentally slain. Usagi buried her body next to Nagao's, so the lovers could be together for eternity in the only way possible.